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Cisco has always been on the forefront of cybersecurity. And with ransomware attacks getting more vicious, Cisco has again proven how they can detect attacks before they happen.

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Cisco Security continues to raise the bar of threat detection and neutralization, especially when it comes to ransomware which it says will be one most dangerous and persistent online virus that hackers will unleash more and more in 2016. The average response time to a detected ransomware attack is 30 hours; Cisco is halving that to about 13. The shorter the time it takes to detect a ransomware invasion, the faster the response time of an organization, and the more relevant, sustaining, and effective its remediation will be.

There was a time, not too long ago, that it took an organization 200 days to identify an attack, identify and analyze it, and then come up with a method to heal the breach. By that time, damage had already been done, and thousands of dollars, if not millions, had already been lost due to disruption of business continuity, unmet service agreements, and eroding market confidence in the victimized corporation.

Through its suite of solution providers, Cisco has helped hundreds of companies worldwide to avoid this fate. Its Cisco Umbrella Roaming automatically stops a company device from connecting to a server where it has detected ransomware or other virus’ presence. The Cisco Advanced Malware Protection halts ransomware threats from infecting the vulnerable end points of mobile and other devices. CiscoTrust Sec segmentizes each part of the IT structure, making each one less exposed to an attack that could be happening to the nearby component.The Cisco Next-Generation Firewall blocks, arrests, and contains malware and other ransomware, holding them in a virtual detention cell where their threat level can be assessed and neutralized.

The Cisco Security Services organizes and coordinates all these suites into one dynamic platform that provides round-the-clock protection to the organization

The Cisco Security Services organizes and coordinates all these suites into one dynamic platform that provides round-the-clock protection to the organization. This solution also provides intelligence and guidance to client companies on how they can leverage on their now-strong security services. For example, in one of its reports, Cisco urges clients to watch out for ‘low-hanging’ ransom fruits that hackers routinely target and often without detection:  Adobe Flash, Apache, Facebook, Flash, Java, JBoss, and Windows Binary.

The Cisco Security Services also updates the clients about the evolution of ransomware threats and furnishes the necessary resources and information for the client to more than adequately manage these threats.

For example, as shared by one of its engineers to Network World, one hacker innovation is the exploit kit infection chain. A seeming error that appears on a company wordpress blog can actually become a trigger that will soon spread the virus its various other websites, systems, and servers.

As malware and ransomware evolve, due to their hackers’ desire to target and successfully attack more institutions and industrial sectors, Cisco has also won recognition for its continuous innovation to match the pace of its opponents.

The IT Web reports that Cisco has now set its sights on arming their clients as they prepare themselves to join the latest IT landscape known as the Internet of Things. Cisco services can monitor the innumerable mobile devices that employees and contractuals bring in and out of the office, and hook into the server. Ransomware and other attacks are detected before they happen. The services also monitor the function, operations, efficiency, and security of the network as a whole, and not just confine the threat assessment  to the individual machines and devices.

Ransomware as an online menace is far from being stopped. However providers like Cisco that rise to beat them at their game and ensure that their client companies are shielded and protected from their damage.

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