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Industry anti-ransomware leader PhishMe has helped thousands of enterprises from ransomware attacks and continues to do so with their tools and solutions.

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Ransomware remains one of the biggest online security threats against companies worldwide. Cybercriminals continue to deploy – and worse, improve – on their attacks because they have seen that many organizations are willing to pay their ransom rather than leave their data locked in limbo. They also see that money is easier to be made, compared to other cyber attacks; payment is easily transmitted via Bitcoin, the online currency which is virtually untraceable.

More important, human beings, the employees, or even the management of the victimized company are very vulnerable and quickly deceived, especially by phishing attacks. Phishing is an email sent to often an office colleague, written or accompanied by the necessary credentials that portray it as coming from a co-worker. This fake co-worker asks the trusting colleague to click on a link for supposedly official reasons. Once he does, the ransomware virus is launched, and the equipment, software, and the files of the office are held captive by the cybercriminal who now extorts a ransom.

All the above information was supplied by PhishMe, recognized as the leading provider of anti-phishing and other ransomware management solutions. Since its incorporation in 2011, the company’s one vision is spurred by the desire to assist companies to handle ransomware and other invasions, mainly by educating its first line of defense: the employees.


The success or failure of a phishing attack depends on whether or not the employee who received the deceptive email believes its content, and follows its instructions. PhishMe has dedicated itself to educating the workforce of companies into spotting phishing email, and afterwards neutralizing it by following certain protocols that PhishMe itself provides. Its PhishMe Simulator puts employees in actual ransomware-related situations, asks them to ‘role-play’ the actual attack, and thus teaches them how to anticipate the series of events that happen during that incident, and then respond accordingly.

PhishMe solutions include abuse management, incident, forensics, penetration testing, social and engineering.

The PhishMe solution educates the company workforce through the PhishMe Learning Management System. The workforce and management’s knowledge and training are upgraded by the installation of various learning modules that can be downloaded and studied during his break time or after-office hours. The employee gets equipped in the latest cybersecurity tool without affecting his productivity.

The PhishMe Reporter builds on this training and makes the members of the organization even more knowledgeable by gathering all the information related to the virus and analyzing them for future use. It is not enough to neutralize a threat. Through PhishMe Reporter, all suspicious emails are collected, scrutinized, and studied. Afterwards, it will come up with a report that will give the users more knowledge about the latest attack and how to equip themselves accordingly. As cyber hackers continue to innovate, the PhishMe Reporter keeps the workforce informed and updated.

Finally, the PhishMe Intelligence regularly publishes reports of its findings, both for its clients and the industry in general, in order to keep them strong against any attack. It discusses the latest tools used by the enemy, its newest approaches, and the strategic response that can eliminate those threats.

PhishMe Intelligence also calls the attention of users and companies everywhere to the cost of not defending oneself adequately against ransomware. For example, it takes 146 days to identify a breach and 86 days to contain it. That lengthy amount of time has already exposed the company to various risks and caused damage like operational disruption, loss of files, and decrease in consumer confidence. PhishMe says that the overall global cost that phishing has done to international companies reached $4 billion in 2016.

One need not pay that cost. PhishMe’s training and intelligence can give companies the tools they need to repair their breaches and prevent future ones caused by aggressive cyberhackers. To date, PhishMe has protected over 1,250 enterprises, and empowered 24 million residents to become resilient to phishing attacks. The susceptibility of its user clients to follow unthinkingly a phishing lure has been reduced by 95 percent.


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